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Victory at the Royal Courts of Justice: Julian Wins Right to Full Appeal—Stella Assange, May 20, 2024

The Royal Courts of Justice have granted Julian the right to a full appeal, marking a crucial victory in his ongoing battle against extradition. This positive news brings us one step closer to ensuring Julian’s freedom and bringing him back home to his family.

Your unwavering support and solidarity have played a pivotal role in achieving this success. The turnout at the Royal Courts of Justice today was nothing short of inspiring. Together, we have shown the world that we stand united in our demand for justice and the protection of press freedom.

However, our journey is far from over. Julian remains unjustly imprisoned in Belmarsh Prison, and we must continue our efforts until he is free and reunited with his loved ones. The fight for Julian’s freedom is a fight for all of us, we must remain vigilant and committed.

We are stronger together

Here’s how you can continue to support the cause:

  1. Stay Connected: Follow me on social media for updates:
    • Twitter: @Stella_Assange
    • Instagram TikTok | YouTube: @StellaAssange 
  2. Donate: Your contributions are essential to sustaining our campaign. Please donate what you can to help cover legal fees, raise awareness, and organize global actions to stop the extradition:
    • Donate by Bank Transfer:
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        Account Number: 63189104
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  3. Contact Your Representatives
    • US: Urge your representatives to support H.Res.934 (House Resolution), which calls for an end to the prosecution of Julian Assange and affirms the First Amendment rights for journalists
    • UKClick here to email James Cleverly & Rishi Sunak to Assange is freed.
  4. Mobilize and Rally: Organize and participate in rallies, events, and online campaigns to keep the momentum going. Your voice matters.
  5. Spread the Word: Share updates, news, and information about Julian’s case with your networks. Use hashtags like #FreeAssange, #WeAreAllAssange, and #PressFreedom to amplify our message.

What Happened on May 20th?

If you didn’t manage to watch the Livestream, you can still catch it over on my YouTube channel @StellaAssange.

Watch the roundup fo supporter actions from around the world on May 20th, united and with only one demand: Free Julian Assange Now!

A special thank you to the JADC (The Committee to Defend Julian Assange), one of the oldest grassroots groups here in the UK and who helped us to sell merchandise outside the Royal Courts so that many of those who showed up could wear their support. Thank you Emmy, Jeannie and team.

We are all Julian Assange, and together, we will continue to fight for his freedom. Our collective strength and determination are powerful tools in this battle. Let’s keep pushing forward until Julian is released and can finally come home.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication.

Free Assange. Free Us All.