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Recorded Webinars

June 20: The #AssangeCase and #CollateralMurder

With Jenifer Robbinson, Julian Assange’s legal team, Sami Ramadani – Iraqui Democrats, and K. K. Hrafnsson – Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks.

May 17th: Freedom of the Press, Julian Assange, & Imprisonment in the Time of Covid-19

This webinar, hosted by Courage Foundation explores why Assange is seen as such a threat, how the fact of his prosecution threatens investigative journalists everywhere, and the role that racism plays in the demographics of our prison population and why, as with Assange, they face an increased risk of contracting the Coronavirus and should now be freed from their toxic confinements.

  • Moderator: Jim Lafferty, Executive Director Emeritus, National Lawyers Guild, L.A.; and host of The Lawyers Guild Show on KPFK.
  • Prof. Melina Abdullah: Professor, Dept. of Pan-African Studies, Cal. State Los Angeles.; Co-founder of Black Lives Matter/LA
  • Sharon Kyle: National Board member, American Civil Liberties Union; Publisher of the LA Progressive.
  • Prof. Marjorie Cohn: professor emerita, Thos. Jefferson School of Law; human rights lawyer and editor/author of Drones & Targeted Killing 
  • Stephen Rohde: Civil liberties activist, writer, and former President of the ACLU of Southern California.
  • Vincent De Stefano: Human rights activist; recipient of Amnesty International’s 2019 Urgent Letter Writer of the Year Award.
  • Robert Corsini: Writer, producer and documentary filmmaker; owner of Videocratic Media.
  • Nathan Fuller: Director, The Courage Foundation; Executive Director of the Committee to Defend Julian Assange and Civil Liberties
  • Also: Video appearances by Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg

May 3: World Press Freedom Day: The Prosecution of Julian Assange

On World Press Freedom Day, two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and the UK Bureau Director for Reporters without Borders discuss the Trump administration’s indictment of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and its unprecedented charges of Espionage for the publication of truthful information in the public interest.

April 5th: “Collateral Murder” 10 Years On

The Don’t Extradite Assange campaign put together a webinar to mark a decade since the release of “Collateral Murder,” recounting the horrific events depicted in the video and commenting on the international impact of its release.

  • Kristinn Hrafnsson, editor-in-chief, WikiLeaks
  • Nozomi Hayase, author, contributor to the new book, In Defense of Julian Assange
  • Col. Ann Wright, retired U.S. Army colonel