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Supporters Rally Outside UK Consulate in NYC as Julian Assange’s High Court Hearing Begins—Pressenza, Feb. 21, 2024

Today, amidst chilling temperatures, passionate supporters of journalist Julian Assange gathered outside the UK Consulate in New York City. Organized by various groups including NYC Free Assange, Assange Defense, and CODEPINK, the rally aimed to draw attention to Assange’s high-stakes legal battle unfolding across the Atlantic.

Photos by David Andersson

The rally, scheduled for noon at the UK Consulate located at 885 Second Avenue and 47th Street, saw a diverse crowd braving the cold to show solidarity with Assange. Banners waved, chants echoed, and impassioned speeches resonated through the Manhattan streets as demonstrators demanded justice for the WikiLeaks founder.

The rally timing coincided with the commencement of Assange’s two-day hearing in the UK High Court in London. This hearing represents a pivotal moment in Assange’s fight against extradition to the United States, where he faces severe charges carrying a potential sentence of up to 175 years in prison.

Susan Sarandon

As the crowd gathered, speakers emphasized the critical importance of this moment, highlighting Assange’s contributions to journalism and the broader implications of his case for press freedom and government accountability worldwide.
Randy Credico

“The outcome of this hearing will determine whether Julian Assange will be silenced and subjected to persecution for exposing war crimes and government misconduct,” remarked one of the organizers.

With signs bearing messages of support and calls for justice, the rally served as a reminder of the global movement rallying behind Assange. From New York City to London and beyond, voices are uniting to oppose what many perceive as an attack on fundamental freedoms and the public’s right to know.


Video by New York Street