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Celebrating the Courage & Journalism of Julian Assange—9/13/20


Celebrating the Courage & Journalism of Julian Assange – Pilger, Murray, Fowler & Tinari

Reporting after the first week of Julian Assange’s reconvened extradition trial, veteran journalists John Pilger, Andrew Fowler and Serena Tinari, and former UK ambassador and writer Craig Murray join #FreeTheTruth as we turn the spotlight onto the courage and journalism of Julian Assange. Contextual information about the case: The trial has huge significance in terms of freedom of the press, whistleblower protection, extraterritorial rights of the US state, the public’s right to know about the crimes govts commit in their name ( including the rights of those tortured, maimed and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan to know the truth about crimes undertaken by occupying forces), political motives of the prosecution + the covering up of war crimes, spying on Assange’s legally privileged conversations, Julian’s right to a fair trial and so on as detailed 1) so throughly by Prof Nils Melzer, UN rapporteur on torture and arbitrary detention here… 2) by journalist Max Blumenthal (re the spying) here… 3) by historian Mark Curtis and journalist Matt Kennard at DeclassifiedUK re concerns about judicial conflicts of interest here (7 instances) here… and here… Be sure to watch the Consortium News daily reports on court proceedings and to read Craig Murray’s accounts in his daily series: ‘Your Man in the Public Gallery, at and on Consortium News.